It is a leading company with its own technology products and aims to take place in the domestic and international market by aiming to exceed the customer expectations in safe, high quality, comfortable and always in the production of Forklift cabins and equipments, Agricultural and Construction machinery cabinets and equipments.


To produce quality products by combining modern production systems and knowledge with qualified work force in a peaceful and safe working environment. And to be a pioneer and exemplary company that gives continuity to this understanding as well as being sensitive to human and environment.


- Justice and respect for human rights
- To give importance to honesty and trust
- Observing the environment and human health
- Maintaining quality assurance
- To prepare an environment where our employees can work safely, healthily and efficiently
- To continuously improve our business relations with all our customers and suppliers.
- to increase employee loyalty as a reputable and reputable company.
- Fast and timely to reach your perfect product.
- Adopting teamwork and participating team spirit